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Strategic Plan

over 2 years ago


  • We believe that education is the fundamental responsibility of the home.
  • We believe each individual’s potential has no limit.
  • We believe the greater the expectations, the greater the achievement.
  • We believe a positive attitude is the critical force in determining one’s future.
  • We believe each person has a purpose in life.
  • We believe each person has a right to be treated with respect.
  • We believe all people need to experience success.
  • We believe all people have the right to be safe and feel safe.
  • We believe each person possesses a unique gift that contributes to the greater good.
  • We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to care for one another.


The mission of Grand Blanc Community Schools, the hallmark of academic and personal excellence, is to ensure students actualize their own unique genius, freely and without fear, through a system distinguished by 

  • Dedication to the discovery of profound learning 
  • Exemplary models of character and judgment 
  •  Global experiences in life and living 
  • Emphasis on individual autonomy and self direction 
  • Unremitting pursuit of the highest human ideals.


  • We will not practice or tolerate behavior that demeans an individual’s sense of self-worth or dignity. 
  •  We will not practice or tolerate any form of discrimination. 
  •  We will make all decisions based on the best interest of the student. 
  •  We will not compromise excellence. 
  •  We will always keep the PreK-12 educational program our first priority.


  1. 100% of students will score in the top 5% of their peers as measured by any national standard. 
  2.  100% of students will lead their lives with confidence and hope. 
  3.  100% of students will achieve their academic and personal aspirations. 
  4.  All students will possess attributes of responsible citizens in our democratic society.


We will redefine and transform teaching and learning in order for students to actualize their own unique genius.
We will create district environments where each person is safe, comfortable, and known. 

We will configure the design of the district, including time and space, to meet the needs and aspirations of our students. 

We will engage the home and community to optimize student achievement. 

We will transform the district through the unlimited possibilities provided by advanced technologies. 

 We will inspire character and nobility in each person.