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Welcome to the Grand Blanc Community Schools Technology Department Page!
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District Technology Advisory Team

8 months ago

 (Created 2012) 

The District Technology Advisory Team is composed of four high school staff, four middle school teachers, and one representative from each elementary. The District Media Specialist, department chairs, technology staff, and administrators from each level will also be invited to attend the D-TAT meetings. Team members will be appointed using input from the building principals. The D-TAT team will meet monthly with the Technology Architect. The purpose of D-TAT will be as follows:  

  • Gather current information [concerns, staff development needs, success stories, creative ideas, etc.] from buildings.
  • Share the state of our technology at each of our buildings.
  • Serve as a planning group to create and carry out a vision and direction throughout the district that complements our mission, objectives, and beliefs.
  • Serve as the communicators of our district technology and curriculum vision.
  • Assist in the development of technology policies. [Such as BYOD]

2016-17 Meeting Dates (4:15-5:15 p.m.)
September 26, 2016
October 24, 2016
November 28, 2016
December - No Meeting
January 30, 2017
February 27, 2017
March 20, 2017
April 17, 2017
May 15, 2017

Summer Projects 2016

2 months ago

cable graphic
network image

network 2 graphic

#1601 - All building fiber was replaced district wide and all network brought up to 10 Gigabytes.

#1602 - All building switches were replaced in coordination with fiber to bring the district network up to 10 GB.

#1603 - New Banner Lab and Classroom developed at High School East campus.  The lab has 15 PC units with Adobe Cloud and a classroom with a cart of Chromebooks.  New whiteboards and a smart board were installed in the classroom                 

new lab graphic
new lab 2 graphic

#1604 - Update former banner classroom at High School East Campus.  The old banner classroom had new whiteboards and a smart projector installed.  The old Mac lab was retired and converted into a collaboration room with two PC's and a  printer.

#1605/#1606 - Renovate 114C and 214C at East Middle School/West Middle School to create Blended Learning Labs.  Install wall mounted racks for 36 Chromebooks (2 – 18 units) in each room for a total of 72 Chromebooks.

construction image

ms lab image

ms lab 2 image

ms lab 3 image

#1607 - Security Update - Replace security server and install new security cameras at McGrath, Indian Hill, Reid, Cook, and Mason.  

#1608 - 1:1 Pilot Fifth Grade - Prepare Chromebooks for fifth grade deployment.  

chromebook image

chromebook case image

earbuds image           

#1609 - Pilot Tech Ex Cart at Mason with Rugged Asus C202 Chromebooks.

ASUS C202 Rugged Chromebook

rugged chromebook image

#1610 / #1611 - MS Math ACC Study Chromebook Carts - Prepare carts of Chromebooks for the Math Department at East and West Middle Schools.

Bretford Cart Information

chromebook cart image
chromebook 2 image

#1612, #1613, #1614 - 1:1 Take Home Pilot 3rd/4th Grades - C740 Chromebooks 

#1612 - 4th Grade Mason

#1613 - 3rd Grade Brendel

#1614 - 4th Grade Reid

#1615, #1631 - Chromebook Deployment for Rooms 605, 629 High School West, Acer Chromebook C-740 take home pilot for one period (629 Social Studies), new whiteboard and smart projector, teacher station reconfiguration.

chromebook hard case image
epson projector image

#1616 - Chromebook Deployment for Room 303 High School East, Acer Chromebook C-740 take home pilot.

#1617 and #1618 - 1:1 Pilot MS Level - Prepare 190 Chromebooks for single student deployment for Team 3, 7th Grade, East Middle School, and 190 Chromebooks for single student deployment for Team 6, West Middle School.

1:1 handbook image

#1619 - Teacher Desktop Replacement – Replace 381 desktops, every current desktop at the elementary level.  (Buildings include Anderson, Brendel, Cook, Indian Hill, Mason, McGrath, Myers, Perry Center, Reid)


teacher device image

#1620, #1621, #1622, #1634 - K-2 Acer touch screen and iPad Pilot.  Some classrooms receiving all iPads, some receiving all touchscreens, some receiving a mixture.  Four classrooms total involving, Myers, Brendel, Cook and Indian Hill.
ipad cart image                 
ipad image              
touchscreen chromebook image

#1623 / #1624 - Switch out retired Samsung Chromebooks with Acer Chromebooks in Room 624C, at High School West Campus and at McGrath Elementary.  Replace cart at McGrath Elementary.

#1625 - Prepare teacher devices for Transformation Orientation and distribute prior to June 13th.  

touchscreen chromebook 2 image                 
chromebook 3 image

ipad 2 image

rugged choromebook 2 image

#1626 - West HS Office - Update former assessment office for West High School Collaboration Room.  Add projector and whiteboard on south wall.  Make sure phones, computers, printer are updated.  Remove all old equipment.  Room to be patched and painted.  One wall has major repair due to old paneling. Network and electrical to be updated.  Update network and power throughout main office space and special education conference room 508.  Place a set of 8 Chromebooks in a wall mounted rack.

room image

#1628 / #1629 - East / West Middle School Lab 101 Update.  Laptops (32) from Labs 114C and 214C will need to be removed and go to Room 101.  HP Chromebooks will be retired.  Additional lap tops can be used as replacements across the district. 

#1630 - Perry Verb Lab Power Upgrade.  Six floor plugs positioned with table top openings will be installed along with Thread towers to allow power for uncharged or battery deficient devices.

floor plug image

#1632 - Install Apple TV units and provide teacher iPad in Art Rooms at both East and West Middle Schools.  

#1633 - Purchase Chromebooks and Install Racks in the German Classroom and ITV Room.  Ten Chromebooks to go into 12 Unit wall rack in HS East ITV Room and 12 in 12 unit wall rack to German Room 408.  German will need 12 pair of headsets (ear and mic) that are compatible with the Chromebooks.

chromebook rack image

#1635 / #1636 - Set-up desktops for collaboration rooms in Rooms 100 and 113 at High School West.

ms room image

ms room 2 image

#1638 -  Install 5’ x 10’ whiteboard in Room 238, Middle School West, sidewall.  Install new wall mounted projector and remove existing projector.

1:1 Device Information Page

about 1 month ago

This year, Grand Blanc Community Schools will be piloting C-740 Acer Chromebooks in 43 classrooms ranging from grades 3-12.  Students in select classrooms will receive an Acer C-740 Chromebook to use in his/her studies at school and at home for the duration of the 2016-2017 school year.  For a complete list of teachers participating in the pilot, please scroll scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Click HERE for the August 30, 2016 Parent Letter

Click HERE for the Required Forms for Students and Parents.

Click HERE for the complete 1:1 Device Handbook.

Click HERE for the Pay Schools Link for Insurance Payment via check or Credit Card.

Click HERE for the Parent Meeting Presentation.

Chromebook Program Key Points

  • Students will be assigned a Chromebook device for the year. 
  • The device will come in a “stay in” bag for grades 3-5, and a hard protective case in grades 6-12.
  • Devices will be collected just before the end of the school year for maintenance.  It is the intention to have students retain their original Chromebook each year while enrolled in Grand Blanc Community Schools.*
  • Families will be able to purchase optional insurance each year to help defray the cost in the event of accidental breakage.
  • Teachers implementing 1:1 computing in their classroom this year have been trained by our technology consultants (Communications by Design out of Ada, MI) in how to use the device effectively within the curriculum as one of the many tools they teach with.  This is a pilot year so please understand that our teachers and students will learn and grow as the year progresses.

    *Students do not have a separate right to a device.  It is the District’s intention to issue the same device barring abuse, breakage, theft, etc.

District Acceptable Use Policies


1:1 Device Handbook - Program Details


Acer Chromebook 


Please click below for an electronic version of the manual.

1:1 chromebook image

1:1 Pilot teachers - 2016-17

Leading the Way to Transformation

Click HERE for the complete list of teachers participating.

Internet Options for Low Income Families

Learning can occur “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace,” but to continue learning in the home, high speed reliable broadband is crucial. With more devices in the hands of students, districts have shifted away from traditional approaches to homework. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), seven out of ten teachers assign homework that requires high speed internet access, yet in some communities as few as one in three students have home internet connectivity. When students do not have internet access at home, the gap widens in terms of what students can do. Equitable access to the internet is essential to maximize lifetime learning and success.

Families can access www.everyoneon.org to learn what internet options are available in their communities, including mobile hotspots. The website also lists information on discounted computers for qualified families as well as local technology training opportunities. In the coming year, the FCC’s Lifeline program will begin to include internet access. Information on the updated program will be forthcoming.

Free WiFi Hotspots in the Grand Blanc Community*

*Not a comprehensive list


wifi image

Big Boy Restaurant, 11432 S Saginaw St, (810) 694-6617
Biggby Coffee, 2223 E Hill Rd, (810) 771-3600
Coffee Beanery, 12745 S Saginaw Rd, (810) 694-9227
Culvers, 9090 Holly Rd, (810) 771-7755
Firehouse Subs, 11501 S Saginaw St, (810) 603-7205
McDonalds, 9293 Holly Rd, (810) 953-1495
McDonalds, 5543 Fenton Rd, (810) 234-7231
McDonalds, 12237 S Saginaw, (810) 694-7460
McDonalds, 2330 W Grand Blanc Rd, (810) 655-8169
McFarlen Library, 515 Perry Rd, (810) 694-5310 
Leo’s Coney Island, 6238 S Saginaw Rd, (810) 606-0500
Panera Bread, 6224 Saginaw Rd, (810) 606-1960
Sophia’s Kitchen, 11395 Saginaw St, (810) 695-8555
Starbucks, 11355 Saginaw St, (810) 603-3402
The Coffee Beanery, 12745 S Saginaw Rd, (810) 694-9227
Tim Horton’s, 11334 S Saginaw St, (810) 603-0629
Tropical Smoothie Café, 2383 Hill Rd, (810) 953-2233

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