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Grand Blanc Educational Foundation
Moving Toward Better Education
GBEF Members
Chairperson: Youngs, Yasmeen

Permanent Trustee: James Avery, GB School Board President

Permanent Trustee: Clarence Garner, GB Schools Superintendent

Secretary: Weiermiller, Richard
Treasurer: Haller, Jerry
Trustee: Blevins, Bruce
Trustee: Bowman, Christa
Trustee: Courneya, Sharon
Trustee: Floyd, Jim
Trustee: Kent-Bryant, Jennifer

To acquire, generate, and distribute supplemental resources to enhance the quality of education by providing extended learning opportunities for students and teachers within the Grand Blanc Community School District.
GBEF Grants
The Grand Blanc Educational Foundation is making funds available to the teachers and administrators of the Grand Blanc Community Schools to be used for special projects. These funds are in addition to the funds the Foundation provides for the Teacher Mini-Grant Program.

Grants are limited to $500.00 for each individual.

Special Project Form - For best results, please download to your documents folder or open from the T Drive on your computer before beginning.

After selecting the form, "Save a copy" and then reopen it. Type on the form with Adobe Reader, save again and submit it to the Superintendent's secretary, Mary Love:
Promote student development and involvement by providing financial resources for educational enrichment opportunities.

Develop a partnership between the community and school system.

Promote community awareness of school district programs.

Provide ways for individuals and organizations to share resources with the school system.

Facilitate cooperative ventures between the Foundation, community groups, and the school district.

Encourage excellence through creative teaching opportunities for school district employees and recognize their accomplishments.